For me, the photograph is about
what leads me, heart beating,
on an adventure to where the picture is;
about how I settle in
with the light and the colors and the feelings
when I get there.

It’s also about that incessant
decision: whether or not
to lug the camera; about tearing myself
away from one way of being
in the moment, to a position
outside it, where I find myself
having entered into quite another.
If it works, it’s beckoning
you into that moment too,
the feeling of what it’s like
under that light.

Thinking of the lens as brush and light as pigment, my work has been
likened to impressionism, Japanese watercolor, woodblock and abstract
expressionism. I am often drawn to doors and windows suggesting
something emanating or beckoning to the hidden within; patterns and
icons in paint and on walls that suggest meaning and evoke feeling;
water in stopped motion, and landscapes that tell a story of what it feels
like in that light.


Art at the Source (AATS) Open Studios Interview


Artrails Interview, October 2011